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Novablast Tungsten Carbide-lined nozzles offer good wear resistance when working under harsh conditions with medium to high aggressive blast abrasives. The Tungsten Carbide nozzle is the industry standard with the most elaborate designs and executions available. With the Novablast Tungsten Carbide, no job is too big to handle.

Select your nozzle from a full selection of orifice sizes, nozzle lengths, and jackets such as aluminum, rubber, nylon, or polyurethane. The design of our High-velocity nozzles is to maximize blast cleaning rates and reduce abrasive consumption. More extended venturi nozzles are used for traditional blasting work where the nozzle is kept at a distance of more than 30 cm (12 inches) from the surface.

The venturi design provides additional momentum and accelerates the air and abrasive mix as it exits the nozzle; as a result, productivity and abrasive consumption can be reduced compared to other non-venturi style nozzles by up to 40%. In addition, Novablast Tungsten Carbide-lined nozzles offer uniform abrasive cleaning on any substrate. The Novablast Tungsten Carbide nozzle range have a 25 mm (1”) inlet or 32 mm (1¼”) inlet; both are available with a standard large thread of 50 mm.