DEHUMIDIFIER 8000 M3/HR 1500 PA 5,5 KW

Dehumidifiers are versatile devices designed for both stationary and mobile applications. They come in a robust frame that facilitates transportation by various means like forklifts, trucks, and cranes. You can easily connect these devices to power supplies and air ducting systems.

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Dehumidifiers use silica gel to efficiently absorb moisture from the air in enclosed spaces. The core component, the silica gel rotor, constitutes 82% of the structure and is made of synthetically produced quartz with numerous tiny pores. These pores, operating on a capillary principle, absorb water from the surrounding air, thanks to the extensive internal surface area. The rotors, reaching dimensions of up to 3000 mm, enable the dehumidification of large air volumes.

To ensure consistent dehumidification, the rotor spins slowly at approximately 15 rotations per hour. Processed air, filtered during this operation, becomes immediately available as dried process air. As the device absorbs moisture, it releases heat, causing a temperature rise in the dried air. In summary, these dehumidifiers effectively and continuously reduce humidity by harnessing the moisture-absorbing capabilities of silica gel in diverse environments.

  • Metallic Frame designed to be lift by crane of forklift.
  • G4 process and re-generation filter.
  • Automatic valve with Belimo servo drive on re-generation air inlet.
  • Rotor movement detection and alarm.
  • Remote control option (start-stop).
  • Alarm re-generation and process filters dirty.
  • Electric box with S7 1200 Siemens and display KTP 400 color touchscreen.
  • Process air flow adjustable in four steps.
  • Automatic temperature control on re-generation air.
  • Phase error detection, main contactor takes out the heater on errors.
  • Separate general switch.