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A line marking tip in paint spraying is a specialized type designed to create sharp, precise lines. It is often used for line marking applications on various surfaces. This type of tip is integral in tasks such as road marking, parking lot lines, sports fields, and other areas where clear, uniform lines are necessary. 


Precision Orifice: Line marking tips feature a precision orifice that creates a defined, narrow spray pattern. This precision is crucial for producing sharp and straight lines.

Flat Spray Pattern: Unlike typical spray tips that create a round or fan-shaped pattern, line marking tips usually produce a flat, linear spray pattern suitable for line painting.

Uniform Thickness: These tips are designed to distribute paint evenly across the width of the line, ensuring consistent line thickness and quality.

Adjustable Widths: Many line marking tips allow for adjustments in line width, accommodating different line marking requirements.


Sharp Lines: Provides crisp, clean edges for lines, which is essential for clear demarcation.

Efficiency: Enables quick and efficient line painting, far superior to manual methods in terms of speed and consistency.

Reduced Overspray: Minimizes overspray, which is crucial in maintaining clean surroundings and conserving paint.

Versatility: Can be used with a variety of paint types, though the choice of tip size and pressure settings should match the paint's viscosity and the desired line width.


Road and Traffic Markings: Commonly used in painting road lines, crosswalks, and traffic-related symbols.

Parking Lots and Warehouses: For demarcating parking bays, loading zones, and safety areas.

Sports Fields: Used in creating boundary lines and markings on sports courts and fields.


Compatibility: Ensure the line marking tip is compatible with your spray equipment and can handle the type of paint you intend to use.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning is essential to prevent clogging and ensure sharp line quality.

Operating Technique: Proper technique is key. Maintaining a consistent speed and distance from the surface is critical for line uniformity.

Tip Wear: Over time, the tip can wear down, leading to less precise lines. Regular inspection and timely replacement are necessary.

In summary, a line marking tip is specifically designed for tasks that require precision in creating straight, uniform lines. It's a critical tool for road marking, parking lot striping, and similar applications, offering efficiency, precision, and reduced paint wastage compared to traditional painting methods.

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The orifice size of a paint spray tip is a key factor in achieving the desired performance and finish quality in painting projects. It needs to be chosen based on the type of paint, the required finish, the equipment used, and the conditions of the working environment. Understanding the numbering system of spray tips is essential for making an informed choice and ensuring optimal application results.