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The Paint Inspection Kit contains all the essential equipment to test blast-cleaned steel and coating inspection.

  • Testex Replica Tape X Coarse (50 impression roll), Replica Tape Gauge and Burnishing Tool.
  • Bresle Patches (pack of 35), Conductivity Meter, 500ml Deionised Water, 5ml Syringe with Needle.
  • Calibration Solution (14ml), Conditioning Solution (14ml) and 25ml Beaker.
  • Dust Test Tape (60m roll), Dust Test Comparator (pack of 50) and X10 Illuminated Magnifier.
  • Dewpoint Meter and Humidity Sensor.
  • Wet Film Gauge (pack of 5).
  • Coating Thickness Meter (80864627), Ferrous Probe, set of 8 Calibration Foils and Zero Disk.
  • Calibration Certificates with traceability to UKAS are an optional extra.

Testex Replica Tape / Replica Tape Gauge: Surface Profile measurement of blast-cleaned steel.

Bresle Test: Measurement of salts and corrosion products on blast-cleaned steel.

Dust Tape Test: Assessment of the quantity and size of dust particles on blast-cleaned steel.

Dewpoint Meter: Testing for the probability of condensation on blast-cleaned steel.

Wet Film Gauge: Wet film thickness measurement of the coating.

Coating Thickness Meter: Dry film thickness measurement of the coating. Other models of Coating Thickness Meters are available on request to cater for thicker coatings and Non-Ferrous substrates.


Testex Replica Tape:

  • ISO 8503-5
  • ASTM D4417
  • NACE SP0287

Bresle Patch Test:

  • ISO 8502-6
  • ISO 8502-9

Dust Tape Test:

  • ISO 8502-3

Dewpoint Meter:

  • ISO 8502-4

Wet Film Gauge:

  • ISO 2808
  • ASTM D4414

Coating Thickness Meter:

  • ISO 2008
  • ISO 19840
  • ISO 2360
  • ISO 1461
  • ISO 2063
  • ASTM D7091
  • ASTM E376
  • ASTM G12
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