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A 517-bar reversible paint spray tip is a nozzle used in high-pressure airless paint spraying systems. It is designed to provide a convenient and efficient way to deal with clogs and deliver a specific width and quality of the spray pattern. 


High-Pressure Capability: As indicated by the '517' designation, this tip is rated for use at pressures up to 517 bar (approximately 7500 psi), making it suitable for high-pressure airless spray systems.

Reversible Feature: The key feature of this tip is its reversibility. If a clog occurs, the tip can be easily reversed to clear the blockage without having to stop work and disassemble the spray gun. This is typically achieved by twisting the tip 180 degrees to allow the pressurized paint to blast the clog out.

Spray Pattern and Size: The number '17' in the '517' designation usually indicates the width of the spray pattern and the size of the orifice. In this case, it would create a fan pattern about 10 inches wide at a standard spraying distance (usually 12 inches from the surface). The '5' preceding the '17' generally denotes the orifice size, which in turn affects the amount of paint delivered.

Uniform Coating: Designed to provide a consistent and even coating, reducing overspray and increasing application efficiency.


Efficiency in Unclogging: The reversible feature dramatically reduces downtime due to clogging, as the tip can be quickly cleared and returned to its operational position.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of painting applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

High-Quality Finish: Ensures a smooth and uniform finish, which is crucial for professional-grade painting jobs.

Durability: Typically made from hard-wearing materials capable of handling high pressures and abrasive paint materials.


Large Scale Painting Projects: Ideal for projects that require quick and efficient coverage, such as exterior house painting, commercial building facades, and industrial structures.

Diverse Coating Materials: Can be used with a variety of paints and coatings, including latex, enamels, varnishes, and more.


Compatibility with Sprayer: Ensure that the tip is compatible with the paint sprayer’s make and model, especially regarding the pressure rating.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning and inspection are necessary to maintain performance and prolong the life of the tip.

Operating Technique: Proper technique, including maintaining the correct distance and angle to the surface, is important for achieving the best results.

In summary, a 517 bar reversible paint spray tip is a highly efficient tool in airless painting systems, particularly suited for high-pressure applications. Its reversible feature for easy unclogging, combined with its ability to produce a consistent and high-quality finish, makes it a valuable asset in various large scale and professional painting projects.

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The orifice size of a paint spray tip is a key factor in achieving the desired performance and finish quality in painting projects. It needs to be chosen based on the type of paint, the required finish, the equipment used, and the conditions of the working environment. Understanding the numbering system of spray tips is essential for making an informed choice and ensuring optimal application results.