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The Spinnerblast is a specialized tool used for the internal blasting of pipes, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the sandblasting process. It is specifically designed for cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes.

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Functionality: The Spinnerblast operates by inserting into the pipe to be cleaned. Once inside, it uses a spinning head to blast the interior surface with abrasive material. This spinning action ensures that the abrasive media is evenly distributed across the pipe's surface, resulting in uniform cleaning or surface preparation.

Adjustable Design: One of the key features of the Spinnerblast is its adjustability. The tool can be adjusted to fit various pipe diameters, making it versatile for different sizes of pipes. This is typically achieved by changing the centering carriage or by adjusting the arms that center the tool within the pipe.

Abrasive Blasting Method: The Spinnerblast uses abrasive blasting,. This effectively removes rust, scale, and other contaminants and can also create a surface profile for subsequent coating applications.

Efficiency & Time-Saving: Compared to manual sandblasting of pipe interiors, the Spinblast significantly improves efficiency. It provides a faster, more consistent, and more effective cleaning process, reducing labor time and costs.

Connection to Blasting Equipment: The tool is connected to standard blasting equipment - such as a sandblasting pot and an air compressor. The abrasive media is delivered through a hose, and a remote control system for safety and precision typically controls the operation.